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Basic Tags
~ THOUGHT how ~story ~goal ~task ~rule ~name ~term ~title ~feature ~wave ~spirit
$ PLACE where $home $google.com $another world $body $front
@ TIME when, how long @now @today @21.07. @2020.05.22 @2020.05.22.04.pm @2020-07-21 @2020 @y20 @we @12-4am @1h 2w 2week @mo-fr @mo,we,fr
^ ENTITY who ^my mom ^dog ^some company ^money ^spirit ^angel
# THING what #body #food #phone #workshop #project
! ACTION do, happened !meet !call !feed
Combination Marks
. gap clutch #hummer.reborn $mount.everest @2020.07.01 @2020.w27
... block clutch this is a sentence ... this is a sentence
: more resolution ^entity:woman $book:page21 ~task:done @2020:07:01 @2020:w27
"" group "^apple ^steve.jobs ^steve.wozniak"
" citation some thought" ^bg
|| separator "or" something || something
+ separator "and" #car+house+bike "#gold car + nice house + sport bike"
, separator "one of" #car,house,bike "#gold car, nice house, sport bike"
<> separator "versus" something <> something
+ growth +10h, 10h+
- decline -10h, -10h
>> output something >> result >> sum
< until <@now
Q) question Q) is that it?
A) answer A) yes it is

About definition

Developed over more than 1decade for quick visual recording and subsequent text search. Easy to remember, usable on any media platform - notes, messages, emails, social networks, websites, most in file names, and even paper.